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Rodolfo Argote is the director of RA+, an architecture and urbanism office in the Tijuana/San Diego cross-border region, director of Plankton – Ocean Plastic Upcycle, a company that produces hybrid mosaics made from recycled plastic and cement, founder of SALAA, a non-profit organization for the exploration and debate of the possibilities that  architecture has for creating new worlds, an active collaborator in the Torolab collective, and occasionally a professor at Ibero Tijuana and the Escuela Libre de Arquitectura.

He has organized and co-curated several urban intervention events, such as Bordofarms (2015), Weltstadt exhibition with the Goethe Institut  (2018), Park-ing day in Tijuana (2021, 2022, 2023),  Circuito Centro Tijuana ( 2019-2023),  and “Mover la ciudad” (2023).

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